2011 Schedule of Films

Saturday April 30 Bloch Hall Creative Arts Center
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Why Do You Have a Beard? Ocusonic
Gluttony Xue-Chen, Lu
Digital Intermediated Swimming Hyung-suk
The Bike Morozova
Only In Dreams Badlotto
Animalia Woodstrup/Cooley
Parking Lot Frank
Trunk Carrescia
Window Salmin
The Polymoids Willgren
Plastic Dreams Brohi
Zenith House Stogdon
Maroc Cwik
Black Damp Moyer
Clouds Swoon
The Trip kruhlik
Crash! Argento de Souza
NOIL - The Energy of Tomorrow Richards
[Hic] Opoku
Girls' Talk Zayed
Displacement Litton
Decalcophonia Karaoulanis
Ricochet Alandy
10:15 pm - 1:00 am

Bombastic Mind Le Boggit
Birthday Vaara
Koridor Ayguler
Kostka (Cube) Wu
Shoot Me Badalo
Potemkin Meir
Improvisation #1 Peppito/Kendall
Random Scatterings Bowles
Test Pattern Guys-Doing-Stuff
Untitled Schiefelbein
But Surely Patel
Sausage Legs Josh and the Robs
Buoy Tonski
A Time Shared Unlimited Epcar
Untitled 49 Riebel
Apres le feu Perconte
Convention Strandquist
El Mono de la Tinta Perini
With You Marrs/Ferdaszewski
Blind Hands Acic
Face to Face Basarab
Asshole In Wired-Land Caffrey
The Finch Haikes
In Range Of Light Garber Pearson
Absurd Sharp Philosophy Yacoviello
Happy Birthday Rolland
Per Fare un Tavolo Lemeh42
The Loop Nelemans
Ho The Art-Qaeda Project
Generations Means
Untitled Douglas
Sunday May 1 Gluck Theater, Mountainlair
with guest Jordan Freeman, Director of “Low Coal”
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Conservation Baumlier/Almon
Second-Hand Smoke: Fossil Fuels and Addiction Howard
Confined Chartier
Energy in Morgantown Ammar
Low Coal Freeman
7:30 pm- 10:00 pm

Oil Nelson
The Energy Crisis- Letters and Numbers Moore
Ritual Czapla
Busy Seefranz
Leave A Message Folkman
Check Point Amar
The Reapers Cartwright/Jordan
An Apple-Ending Story Giampaolo
Out Chen
Explosions Johnson
Before War Katsiane
Away We Go Ramsay-Morin
Wasted Generation Schunn
Ancient Rhythm Last
Vigil Hall/Dombrowski
Creavite Self Dray
The Homogenics Freixes-Ribera
My Sascha Kaatsch
Memories Moore
Seperation Scott
They Meet Lannitto
New End Final Fowler
[Punctuated] Daly
Latchkey Santos
10:15 pm - 1:00 am

The Dreamer
Signs Recut Sanchez
Red Riding Hood Wentz
108.1 FM Radio Capasso
Consequencias Ismael
Data of Consciousness Federici
Men at Work Johansson/Rapo
Don't Forget to Breathe Humphries
That Wild American West Huron
Etta Coulson
The Goat Sadegh Pour
Postcard From Brazil Needleman
Communicating with Media and Authorities After a Crisis Mueller
Not Your Mom's Energy Fairless/Clagett
Headlines Whitton
Little Invoice
Nunna Mia e la Barca Dodd
Gloss Afternoon girls
Giving of Myself Iauch 
Thanks for Asking DeLisle /Eikenberg
Memory Trail Susman
A Rather Lovely Thing Barton
Les Jeux d'Enfants Montini