Film Schedule

Thursday, March 20

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
5:00 - 5:45 PM: Guest Filmmaker Presentation with Lydia Moyer

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
6:00 - 7:00 PM: Refreshments: Pizza, drinks, popcorn, and coffee of course...

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
7:00 - 9:00 PM: Film Screenings (Experimental, Narrative, Documentary... a little bit of everything...)

Corey M. Meadows VIBRA FUN West Virginia, USA
Igor Imhoff Planets Italy
Yang Mu Picking Dream China
Anthoniy Valentin The Scanner France
Juck Somsaman Nine Thailand
Matt Harbert Where Are We California, USA
Anna Eijsbouts Tired of Swimming United Kingdom
Guillaume Rieu Attack of the Giant Brain Sucker Monster from Outer Space France
Kathleen Scott The West Minnesota, USA
Péter Vácz Rabbit and Deer France
Ian Nolte Hickory High Lift West Virginia, USA
Sin Young Kim DRM New York, USA
Sean Breslin Twerk Worm Florida, USA
David Golden Useful. Valid. True. Washington, USA
Robert Todd LOVESONG Massachussetts, USA

Friday, March 21

(Art Museum and Education Center)
1:00 - 2:30 PM: Filmmaking Seminar with West Virginia filmmaker Justin Litton: Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
7:00 - 8:30 PM: Film Screenings: Pure Animation! mostly...

Alex Mason Mr Bobblehead UK
Asavari Kumar Chocolate Bacon California, USA
Supriya Mamarde The Gift India
Samantha Raut Flight New York, USA
Mengyi Xu La Visita New York, USA
Raphael Medina Ballistic Balloon Man Texas, USA
Marissa Danison Shellous Texas, USA
Matthew Brookes SPD & Me UK
Kyle Marshall Paradise Pennsylania, USA
Auden Lincoln-Vogel [[] Massachussettes, USA
Federico Gutierrez Arcadia Mexico
Monica Ahanonu Rio California, USA
Malgorzata Andrys Alter Poland
Quinn Hagood Conspecific Confrontation Texas, USA
Simone Giampaolo Espero? (Hope?) Switzerland
Andrea Guizar Konstrukcja (Construction) Poland
Kim Jung Hyun The Moon Jar Massachussettes, USA
aaron zeghers Don't Look Back Canada
Shawn Kerns Gemma's Colon Problem Ohio, USA
Annlin Chao The Arctic Fox United Kingdom
clara aparicio yoldi July 1890 United Kingdom
Nina Mihaila The Story of the Road Romania

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
9:00 - 11:00 PM: Film Screenings: Student works!

Shunsaku Hayashi The seconds United Kingdom
Crystal Beiersdorfer Pink Lincoln Overture Ohio
Patrick Riley Scifi Action Movie 1.0 West Virginia, USA
JP Fulks What a Message West Virginia, USA
Inbal Maoz Highway Wedding Israel
Elisha Rush Equinox West Virginia, USA
Katina Bitsicas Constructing the Memory-Self Florida, USA
Lauren Schiefelbein Headed for Home West Virginia, USA
Adam Lenz Sloth Connecticut, USA
Lindsey Whitfield Trapped in Time Texas, USA
Stephen Hanson Against Odds West Virginia, USA
Stephen Judy The Book Titled J West Virginia, USA
Mark Delpopolo We are Watching Virginia, USA
Joseph Ostraff Escape to and From Utah, USA
Kent Hastings A Bedtime Story West Virginia, USA
Lynne Siefert After Light Massachussettes, USA

Saturday, March 22

(Art Museum and Education Center)
10:30 - 11:30 AM: Filmmaking Workshop with guest filmmaker Michael Lies

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
12:00 - 1:30 PM: Film Screenings: Young Filmmakers, Shorts and Documentaries.

Chase Jarrell The Shootout at Matewan West Virginia, USA
Zoe Fan - desire - escape - Singapore
Sadeghi Neema City Limits California, USA
Wilhelm Forsnäsgård Klarälven – Why how England
David Smith Harmony House West Virginia, USA
Jason & Jay Gwynn & Sheldon Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection Oklahoma
Brent Kostak Adventure Northwest West Virginia, USA
Naomi Levine I Run Slow Pennsylania, USA
Marc Winkler Tundra Cowboy Canada

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
1:45 - 3:00 PM: Film Screenings: Stories from around the world and around the region.

Martin Alvaro Stockholm Spain
Ewa Kochanska Ptaszek Poland
Yassine El idrissi Sled Morocco
Julio Pot The Gift Chile
Marta Prus And nothing around Poland
Angela Semple Breaking Character Pennsylania, USA
Bartosz Kruhlik The Heat Poland
Mina Mileva Because of Mum Bulgaria
Jenny Richards Cameron's Book of Love West Virginia, USA
Michael Lies Afternoon of a Faun Pennsylania, USA

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
3:30 - 5:00 PM: Roundtable Discussion: "New Voices: Changing Perspectives to Faith and Spirituality in Modern Cinema."

Hosted by Patrick Felton, with filmmakers Bob Wilkinson, Eric "Doc" Benson and Tyler Smith.

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
5:00 PM: Awards Ceremony

(Art Museum and Education Center)
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM: Looped Film Projections

Giuseppe Boccassini Lezuo Italy - Germany
Salvatore Insana LAND(E)SCAPES Italy
Sarah and Claire Keeling and Gustavson Moving Satrun Pennsylania, USA
Léa Rogliano Sleeping Beauties Belgium

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM: Film Screenings: Escape!The final evening begins with works addressing this year's theme of "Escape".

Stephen Chen Ballad 2 Toronto
Robert Raffety Retirement Virginia, USA
Lydia Moyer Tar Creek Virginia, USA
Constance Briggs Within and Without Grove City, PA
Jeremy Bessoff Another Song About the Sea Ohio, USA
Michelle Hutchings Until Then Georgia, USA
George Ligeti OMG! Not Training Again! Hungary
Ian Bowman Rocket Man Pennsylvania, USA
Marc (aka Swoon) Neys 35° 30"; 35' N, 12° 36" 0' E Belgium
Katie Kaplan Deconstructing Boxcar Bertha Pennsylvania, USA
Whitney Johnston Some girl who tells stories Illinois, USA
Holly Siders Crucivixen West Virginia, USA
scott Andrew Sarkará Pennsylvania, USA

(Bloch Hall, Creative Arts Center)
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM: Film Screenings: New media, cool media, strange media and even some "unclassifiable" media.

Sin Young Kim Jo New York, USA
Rhayne Vermette Full of Fire Canada
Fran├žois Roux Phantoms Ontology Belgium
Kayla Anderson Holograms Illinois, USA
Kevin Tobin Darwin's Dead (Evolution in Chaos) Massachussettes, USA
Joshua Zerangue Bess Pennsylvania, USA
Jason Slawson Objects Maryland, USA
Matheu Plouffe Buildings and Sky Canada
Robert Todd SHADES of GREY Massachussettes, USA
john meza Warrior Nation Scranton, PA
Chris Wittum Cary Columbus, OH
Timothy Nohe swallowtail Maryland, USA
Takahiro Suzuki Lae//Howland Virginia, USA
Edward Ramsay-Morin As Dreams Sometimes Do Texas, USA
Anna Swanson Constant Comment Iowa City, Iowa
Desiree Moore Canon Florida, USA
Barry Whittaker Abstracted: A Space Odyssey Ohio, USA
Peter Whittenberger Simple #13 (I am a Dinosaur)
Nevada, USA
Symmes Gardner Please Love Me Maryland, USA
Rembrandt Quiballo Blowout Arizona, USA
Rachel Wagner Perceptual Stream Pennsylvania, USA
Tom Whitton Untitled (if only...) Florida, USA
Kimberly Burleigh Light Divides the Square Cincinnati, OH